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My Blind Dog Still Wags His Tail

By J.D. Wilock

 If you love dogs, you'll love My Blind Dog Still Wags His Tail! A heart-warming story of a man and his not-so-young-anymore best friend. Snuggle up to your pooch and read this lovely story. 

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Things I've Seen on the Path of Life

By Christina Whittaker

This collection of stories took local author Christina Whittaker 10 years to compile. "I stand atop the bluff looking back over the path my life has taken, the stories I have heard, the people I met, and the things I have seen."

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My Morning Song

By Robin Walsh

Local author Robin Walsh is new to writing but has kept a journal since childhood and writes a personal blog. She is a survivor of suicide and is now on a mission to help others.

This book can be found in the 'Suicide' section on aisle 7.

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Unorganized Crime

By Synova Cantrell

Local author Synova Cantrell is a true crime writer with all the skinny on ex-gangster Sidney J. Heard. She brought him to her book signing and we got to hear his story first-hand!

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Step By Step Through the Fire

By Glenda King

This book journals her detour and walk with and through cancer...."What you learn and how you react make all the difference in the world." Her journey continues.


Meela's Story

By Pam Tynes & Meela

Meela the dog is possibly our cutest local author! Pick up a copy of her story here at ABC. The best part? They are free with a donation to Meela's favorite charity, Pet Therapy of the Ozarks.

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The Physics of Love

By Carla Kirchner

"The Physics of Love is all about connection, the starstuff that intertwines mother and child, soul and stone, and the living and the dead-'all of us spinning against each other in the dark' and 'bumping into God' while we're at it. With surprising imagery and fearless spirituality, Kirchner blurs the border between heaven and earth, delighting us with its gorgeous heartaches and mysteries. A dazzling debut worthy of savoring again and again."-- Tania Runyan

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The Founding Fathers: What Did They Really Say?

By Mat Clark

ATTENTION HISTORY BUFFS! We have a book for you. In this book, Mat Clark provides evidence that the Founding Fathers founded this nation on God and Christian principals. He uses quotes from the Founding Fathers themselves to prove his point.

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Treasures In My Garden

By Charlene Warren

Treasures In My Garden is a collection of inspirational writings, including divinely inspired poems and essays. Being a gardener, Charlene is inspired by nature and has a great appreciation for God's creation. 🌿🌼

Charlene Warren is a local author who lives in Springfield. She as lead Sunday School classes, student ministries, and the guest services team at her church. We have copies of her book here at ABC Books.

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A World Worth Seeing

By Brian Nelson

"13 years ago, I took a fantastic world trip that planted a seed of adventure. Since then, I have made many international trips. The country count has gone from only the USA to over 190 countries and seven continents. The love of travel has gone from my love of the highway as an over-the-road truck driver to a love of international experience. The world is big, but surprisingly accessible."
-Author, Brian Nelson

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Small Town Big Money

By Colby Williams

This book is might be exactly what your Springfield business has been looking for! In 'Small Town, Big Money' you can discover the untapped treasures of small town entrepreneurship, like
"How building your startup in a small town will launch you past your competition" or

"How Colby and other small town entrepreneurs used small town stereotypes to their advantage" and so much MORE!

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To A New Mom...
From A Used One

By BJ McCauley

Having raised 4 son, 1 daughter, nephews, neices, 10-12 foster sons, and countless newborns, BJ McCauley has (probably) seen it all when it comes to parenting.

She seeks to encourage new moms to learn from their kids, and to see the world from a fresh perspective.


Spitballs From
The Back Row

By Larry Campbell

One of the hardest parts about discussing educational issues regularly is that while everyone is for a 'good education, ' almost no one can define what that should be--go ahead, try it!--let alone how to manifest it. We're all using the same words with different images and concepts in our heads.

Public education is a hugely complex process.


From Darkroom to Dugout

By Mark Harrell

From Darkroom to Dugout is filled with behind the scenes stories of minor league baseball, as seen through the eyes of team photographer Mark Harrell. Read how the author weaved his childhood hobby of photography together with his lifelong love of the game of baseball.

Mark hosted a Book Signing at ABC Books and we still have copies in store!


The Truth About Psychics

By Nemra Rhoden

Ever wonder where the power of a psychic comes from? Get a unique insight into the world of psychics; discover information never before talked about in, The Truth About Psychics. Author Nemra Rhoden is a former psychic, she will inform you where their power comes from and why they seem accurate in their predictions. Then, through the use of scriptures, she will tell you what God says about the psychic world.

Nemra Rhoden has also written a children's book with a companion coloring book!

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