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The Ozarks


Pioneer Churches of Springfield, Missouri

By Paul W. Bass

 Author Paul Bass has written another history book "The History of Fort Leonard Wood Missouri" and has held a book signing here at ABC! This book highlights nearly 40 churches all established before 1915 and have remained active for more than 100 years.  

wicked springfield-WE1a8e9b3c2b.jpg

Wicked Springfield Missouri

By Larry Wood

Larry Wood is know for his "Wicked" history books. He has explored the wicked history of many cities in Missouri, We carry many of his books here at ABC Books.


Jim a.k.a the Wonder Dog

Nancy B. Dailey

Do you like dogs and Missouri history? Then you must know about Jim the Wonder Dog. Jim is paws-down the most famous Missourian dog ever! Local author Nancy Dailey tells Jim's story wonderfully with photos and all.

connie yen.jpg

Sinner & Savior

By Connie Yen

Evangelist and temperance advocate Emma Molloy moved to the Ozarks to establish a home for her family while she traveled and lectured throughout the United States. Trusting that her farm manager, George Graham, and his wife Cora could manage the farm. Her trust was misplaced and the result was the “Graham Tragedy.”

rollin' down the river.jpg

Rollin' Down The River

By Larry Campbell

During the summer of 2016, Larry Campbell followed the Missouri River, by car, from its source. This book is full of pictures and stories of the River, its life, and its culture.

We have had Larry in store for 2 book signings!

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Missouri Innovators

By Paul W. Bass


It has been said that only eight percent of people ever achieve their goals. These people are exceptional they are the pioneers, trailblazers and trendsetters that define each generation.

Anyone with ties to the state will be encouraged to learn of the proud heritage and accomplishments made right Missouri! Learn how we SHOW the world a better way.

The Ozarks: Meet the Team
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