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Rock Rogers Series

By Jeff Patrick

This four book adventure series is perfect for boys and girls of all ages! Follow Special Agent Zackary Rock Rogers to northern Africa, across the tundra, through the jungle, and even under the Indian Ocean.

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A Pane of Glass

By R. Byron Stockdale

"The murders stopped for three years, but Tom Russell, the top profiler at the FBI, figured the Short Rose Killer just got good at hiding the bodies.  Not anymore.  There's a fresh trail of death, and the details of the crimes are keeping Tom awake at night thinking about his own young children.  SRK is killing child predators."


Dangerous Cargo

By Clark Selby

"CIA agent Tom Parker and Army Brigadier General Jack Hayes are set on a twisting and turning course throughout the world in an effort to capture or kill Dr. al-Sadr-al-Qaeda's number three man.  Al-Sadr's latest plan to bring death to Americans is by shipping biological or chemical weapons into America using containers from the Far East."Clark Selby has written three other books is his "Dangerous" series and many others.

Thriller: Meet the Team
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