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General Fiction

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Another Such Victory

By James Harris

This fiction novel, by local author James Harriss, is just what you need on your reading list. A story about love and war and even writing, set in the mid 1900's. “Another Such Victory, possibly the Silent Generation's War and Peace..”


Another Mt. Moriah

By Owen Wilkie

Ever since she was six years old and saw her mother abducted from their home by a man with piercing eyes and a black beard, she has lived in fear the man was also after her. Because of that incident she was forced to move from her comfortable Midwest town and live in a cramped apartment behind an inner-city church in Seattle. Twenty years later Tammy returns to her childhood home in Moriah, Missouri, where this nightmarish event took place, to try and find answers to her questions.


Semper Fidelis

By M.L. Brummett

Eighteen-year-old Virginia leaves her childhood Idaho farm with her sister Nellie, and they head to California to support the fighting forces of the United States. Nothing about their promising new life, working as war plane riveters, turns out as planned. Neither girl intended to fall in love, but who can really plan for love? Virginia fights heart wrenching battles when she has to choose between her fun-loving sailor and her down-to-earth marine.

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Kidnapped In The Amazon

By Owen Wilkie

'Kidnapped in the Amazon' is local author, Owen Wilkie's newest release!

Growing up, his parents were missionaries in Latin America. He uses his knowledge of the area in this new novel.

We have copies of his other books (Return to Bethel Springs and Another Mt. Moriah) in store.

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